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Abdul Sulaiman Jr. is the Co Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Project Pawn. Abdul earned his communications degree in Rockland County NY, at Dominican College.

Abdul has been engaged with chess since the age of 10. He has participated and won regional and national chess tournaments all over the country. Visiting states like Arizona, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania to play chess, Abdul learned that the lessons of chess cross borders and span ages. He also learned every move you make matters on and off the chessboard. “It taught me how to think a few moves ahead, and kept me out of trouble,” Abdul says. “Chess made me more rational and helped me sharpen up my plan in life.”

Abdul has an unwavering passion to empower people and has always been one to share his time, knowledge, and skill set. For many years, he has mentored kids varying in age, gender and nationality. He has also volunteered in community centers, state parks, and numerous health organizations to motivate and inspire youth.