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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Project Pawn Foundation Inc. is a New York City based corporation that aims to educate and mentor inner city youth through the game of chess. Project Pawn is an initiative founded on the principle and belief that nothing in life is impossible to achieve with careful planning and intentional living.

A: There are tons of mental benefits to learning and studying the game of chess.

Some of them include:

  • Improving concentration
  • Learning patience and self-control
  • Exercising both sides of the brain
  • Improving memory
  • Increasing creativity
  • Teaching planning and strategy

Project Pawn then applies these benefits by mentoring individuals on how to create a strategy for their life goals, demonstrating the parallels of extreme concentration, sacrifice, and application.

A: Project Pawn is an organization that utilizes numerous outreach initiatives to enrich the lives of our constituents. Including but not limited to;

  • Community Affairs and Fundraising
  • Educational Programs
  • Youth Mentoring Programs

A: If you would like to start a program with Project Pawn or if you would like to donate to Project Pawn visit our contact page (accessible from the navigation above).


For general questions or concerns, please email  info@projectpawn.com

For inquiries regarding a chess instructor position, volunteer work, or  an internship, please send your resume to Chris@projectpawn.com

To become a partner, a sponsor, or a donor to the project Pawn organization, please contact Abdul@projectpawn.com