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Our Mission

IMG_0019_2Project Pawn is a New York City based organization that aims to educate and mentor inner city youth through the game of chess. Project Pawn is an initiative founded on the principle and belief that with careful planning and intentional living, nothing in life is impossible to achieve.


Our mission is to mentor individuals; teaching them how to apply the strategies used in the game of chess to create a fulfilling life of focus, purpose, and strategy.


Using chess as a metaphor for life, our goal is to help people strategically plan their future; enabling them to start with the end result in mind and work backwards to their current position. Ultimately, mastering the “game of life” and reaching their personal milestones.


Our organization is positioned to harness the influence of mentoring, mainstream media, education, and pop culture along with the fundamentals of chess to reach our target audience.

Program Outreach

Project Pawn is an organization that utilizes numerous outreach initiatives to enrich the lives of our constituents. Including but not limited to;

  • Community Affairs and Fundraising
  • Educational Programs (in schools and recreational programs)
  • Youth Mentoring Programs
  • Scholarship Funds